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NBA Odds

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Rotation Number:   Lines effective: 4/24/2014 08:05:35 AM

NBA 1st Halfs Basketball - Thu 4/24

1st Half1H Handicap1H Money Line1H TotalMore
Thu 4/24733Indiana Pacers-1    1.980   1.833Over 92    1.952Props
04:05 PM734Atlanta Hawks+1    1.926   2.090Under 92    1.952
Thu 4/24735Oklahoma City Thunder -0.5    1.926   1.855Over 95    2.000Props
05:00 PM736Memphis Grizzlies+0.5    1.980   2.060Under 95    1.909
Thu 4/24737Los Angeles Clippers-0.5    1.952   1.877Over 108.5    2.000Props
07:35 PM738Golden State Warriors+0.5    1.952   2.030Under 108.5    1.909