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NHL Odds

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Rotation Number:   Lines effective: 4/23/2014 06:25:51 AM

NHL 1st Period Hockey - Wed 4/23

1st Period1P Handicap1P Money Line1P Total GoalsMore
Wed 4/2317Pittsburgh Penguins-0.5    2.800   1.800Over 1.5    2.020Props
04:05 PM18Columbus Blue Jackets+0.5    1.510   2.150Under 1.5    1.909
Wed 4/2319Anaheim Ducks+0.5    1.472   2.020Over 1.5    2.100Props
05:05 PM20Dallas Stars-0.5    2.940   1.909Under 1.5    1.840
Wed 4/2321St. Louis Blues+0.5    1.500   2.230Over 1.5    2.320Props
06:35 PM22Chicago Blackhawks-0.5    2.830   1.752Under 1.5    1.699