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Pinnacle Sports has not only been providing the best odds online since it launched in 1998, but consistently improving and adapting its products and offerings such increasing limits for the 2010 World Cup final to $250,000, or reducing MLB margins to just 101.5%. We also pride ourselves on providing a breadth of markets that include some innovative special bets, like the Likelihood of Mars Impact’ (2008) or the ‘Odds On Which Sopranos Character Would Get Whacked Next’ (2006). Read all about the important milestones in our Press Release section.

Video Library

Pinnacle Sports doesn’t spend excessively on high visibility marketing initiatives. What we might spend sponsoring a big European a team, or a sports tournament, we instead pass on to our bettors, by keeping are margins as low as possible, so you win more.

Find out more about Pinnacle Sports' approach to online betting by watching our exclusives videos including our ‘About Us’ message. Go to our video section.

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